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Waste to Energy 2015/2016
Analysis of the worldwide operator and plant market for WtE plants. Description of more than 2,100 plants including technical and operational data. Opens internal link in current windowmore…

The Market for Biowaste AD Plants in Europe
Analysis of the market for biowaste AD plants in Europe. Research involved energy agencies, public authorities and waste associations as well as operators and plant manufacturers. Opens internal link in current windowmore...

On ecoprog

As a respected industry expert, ecoprog accompanies clients in dealing with implementation-oriented management issues with political, technical or economic backgrounds in the environmental and energy technology. We work in the fields of strategy consulting, market and competition analyses as well as multi-client studies.

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CEWEP and ecoprog conduct industry barometer Waste-to-Energy 2015 Opens external link in new

Last updated: August 25, 2015