waste & bio Data

ecoprog's waste & bio Data currently comprises information on about 20,000 waste infrastructure and bioenergy plants and projects worldwide, including substantial characteristics such as capacity, input streams, operators, technology and suppliers.

This data collection is the result of our daily work in the fields of monitoring, market studies and consulting. Thanks to our daily information research for our waste & bio Infrastructure Monitor (w&b Monitor) the data inventory is kept up to date. As a consequence, projects for which no new information can be found for longer than three years, will be deleted by default. It is not only the quantity of information that matters most to us, but above all their quality.

Available information

As of February 2021




Waste to Energy



Biomass to Power









* of which 1,048 new installations and 270 extensions of existing plants

** of which 950 new installations and 64 extensions of existing plants

Existing data on MBT as well as sorting and recycling plants are currently being prepared for w&b Data.


If you purchase one of our market studies you will (for a limited period of time) receive free access to single w&b Data modules. For instance, if you purchase the Waste-to-Energy market report you will get 12-month free access to the Waste-to-Energy module.  

Additionally you can book access to single modules for 12 months, provided that you are a subscriber to our w&b Monitor from which a large part of these data derive. Only those customers who contribute to this survey financially will thus be able to access the data.

Did we arouse your interest? Please take a look at the trial database. The price depends on the chosen segment and the number of users. Please find detailed price information in the order form.


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