Multi-client studies

Apart from working for individual clients, ecoprog is also publishing its own market studies on relevant environmental technology segments. These reports will provide you with everything you need to know about a specific industry, analysing structures, market factors and players as well as forecasting the future market development.

ecoprog’s market studies are a less costly alternative to assigning traditional consulting services. They deliver information that is important to many companies working within a specific industry. Selling the studies to more than one client reduces the costs for creating the reports. Multi-client studies can therefore be considered as a way of uncustomised consulting – meaning it is less expensive and at the same time highly useful to many.

Our clients may use a multi-client study to derive information on the specific target markets for their respective products and services. Another option would be to then separately assign consulting services relevant to your individual company – again, at reduced costs, as you have already gained important, more general insights from the ecoprog study.

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