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The RDF market in France

With the 2015 law on the “Energy Transition for a Green Growth”, France has drastically changed its political attitude towards thermal waste treatment. Under this new legislation, the energy recovery of non-recyclable waste will be a major pillar of waste disposal as well as a key instrument to enlarge the share of renewable energy in France.

The new French policy unambiguously sets the focus of thermal waste treatment on pretreated waste that occurs from the sorting of different waste streams and in the form of refuse-derived fuel (RDF). This RDF comes from, amongst others, mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants and materials recycling facilities (MRFs). Other waste infrastructures such as shredding plants or animal byproducts facilities may also be sources for RDF.

The RDF production in France should increase to more than 2 million tons due to a higher share of sorting residues used for RDF. This growth in RDF is accompanied by new renewable energy auctions dedicated to RDF power plants. In total, RDF combustion plants with a thermal capacity of 100 MW are to be supported until 2025. First RDF combustion projects are already being prepared.

Against this backdrop, ecoprog has analysed the RDF market in France on the basis of a transparent methodology.

The market study “The RDF market in France” includes:

  • a detailed analysis of the French legislation for waste management and renewable energy with a focus on RDF support schemes
  • an overview of the different waste streams in France and estimations on the future RDF amounts in the country
  • the list of nearly 700 waste infrastructure plants  and projects that produce RDF or are by law intended to do so in the future. This mainly includes MBT plants, household waste MRFs, C&I waste MRFs, shredding plants and animal byproducts facilities. Plant information (as far as this was available) includes details regarding owner, operator, capacities, start of operations and waste input
  • the evaluation of the market players active in the ownership and operation of these plants
  • a geographical preparation of possible RDF sources in the form of regional maps

The study is available in English language starting from 3,400.- EUR plus VAT


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