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The Market for Biowaste AD Plants in Europe

Fermenting biowaste is a current focus of many disposal companies and energy producers in Europe. The implementation of the EU waste legislation and the increasing support for using residual materials to produce biogas both favour and determine the construction of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants using biowaste as feedstock.

This is why the installed capacities in biogas plants fermenting municipal and industrial biowaste will increase from 900 MWel in 2014 to around 1,750 MWel in 2023 – meaning the capacities will almost double in the next ten years. We furthermore expect the number of plants in Europe to grow from 800 to over 1,450.

ecoprog has analysed the market for biowaste AD plants in Europe in detail and we are happy to offer you a detailed study on this topic. In our work, we have also involved energy agencies, public authorities and waste associations as well as operators and plant manufacturers.

The up-to-date analysis of figures, facts, estimations and trends in the European market is of interest for operators, disposal companies, suppliers, associations, research institutes and consultants.

The study “The Market for Biowaste AD Plants in Europe” includes:

  • the analysis and description of the most important operators and manufacturers of biowaste AD plants with a comparison of the different plant technologies
  • an evaluation of the costs and revenues structures of a biowaste AD plant, based on exemplary plants
  • a presentation of an exemplary project planning for a biowaste AD plant, from the idea for the plant to its commissioning
  • a detailed analysis of all important political, economic, managerial and technical trends for constructing and operating biowaste AD plants
  • a concrete assessment of the current and future market volumes for biowaste AD plants by country, up to and including 2023, based on a transparent and understandable methodology
  • the description of more than 700 biowaste AD plants, including technical data and contact addresses. These plants represent around 90 per cent of the European capacities
  • a project list with over 150 new construction projects, 40 of which are actually under construction and more than 110 of which are being planned or discussed

The study is available in English and German from 2,900.- EUR plus VAT. Please see the extract or the online order form for details.


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