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Biogas plants in France – Market and new site potentials

The French market for biogas plants is growing like never before. Around 500 new biogas plants with an installed capacity of circa 200 MWel will be commissioned by 2020. In this period, both the number of biogas plants and the capacity will triple – to 740 facilities and 315 MWel respectively. France is therefore the most dynamic market in Europe.

The introduction of increased feed-in tariffs in 2011 was the precondition for this boom. Especially agricultural biogas plants benefit from these subsidies. However, fermenting biowaste and waste from the agroindustry are also getting increased support. The very favourable French promotion system meets one of the largest biomass potentials for generating biogas in Europe.

In light of this development, ecoprog, Envalys and other local partners have jointly analysed the market for biogas plants in France in detail. Besides the market conditions for biogas, the report focuses on the identification of locations that produce large amounts of biomass suitable for anaerobic digestion. Agricultural enterprises and companies of the food and beverages industry were analysed in particular.

This detailed investigation and current analysis of new potential locations, numbers, facts, estimations and trends of the French market for biogas plants is of interest for producers, suppliers, operators, disposal companies, associations, research institutes and consulters.

The study “Biogas plants in France – Market and new site potentials” includes:

  • the description and analysis of more than 900 potential locations for biogas plants by region. These are sites of the largest (in terms of number of employees) agricultural enterprises and companies of the food and beverages industry in France, including information on their main source of income, staff, the use of biogas and contact addresses
  • a detailed analysis of the essential political, economic, managerial and technical trends for constructing and operating biogas plants in France
  • a concrete description of the current and future market volume, up to and including 2020, based on a transparent and comprehensible methodology
  • the description of all 230 active biogas plants and more than 100 new construction projects, including essential technical data and contact addresses
  • the description and analysis of the most important operators and manufacturers of biogas plants
  • an evaluation of the biomass streams that are currently being used as feedstocks in biogas plants, including their amounts and sources, as well as an estimation of the overall biomass potential for generating biogas
  • a geographical evaluation of biogas plants and biomass locations by region

The study is available in English, French and German from 3,700.- EUR plus VAT. Please see the extract or the online order form for details.


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