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Trend Study Chemical Recycling

In the global fight against plastic waste, one of the greatest hopes lies in chemical recycling. This technology involves breaking down the molecular structure of plastic and using it to produce a basic substance for the production of new plastics. In this way, it is expected that the downcycling, that is often inevitable in mechanical recycling can be avoided and new waste streams can be fed into this ambitious recycling process.

At the same time, chemical recycling is being increasingly criticized by environmental associations, partly because of its energy requirements and the associated CO2 footprint.

In order to further investigate the opportunities and market development of chemical recycling, ecoprog has examined the global plant market of chemical recycling in more detail. Almost 120 chemical recycling plants and projects worldwide were surveyed.

On 200 pages, the Trend Study Chemical Recycling includes:

  • A description of essential technologies and functionalities of chemical recycling as well as a comparison of strengths and weaknesses.
  • An analysis of key market factors and trends in plastics production and recycling, and above all an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of chemical recycling compared with conventional (mechanical) recycling.
  • An account of nearly 120 chemical recycling facilities and projects worldwide, including descriptions of capacities, inputs and technologies (as far as known).
  • An analysis of major competitors at the level of technology providers and operators/projectors.
  • The plants and projects are included in the the study. Additionally, this data can be ordered as MS Excel (please see the sample data)
  • A monthly update on new and ongoing projects over the first 12 months.


The study is available starting from 2,000.- EUR (plus VAT, if applicable). Readers of our w&b Monitor will receive a discount starting at 600.- EUR.



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