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The World Market for Pumped-Storage Power Plants

In the next ten years to come, the worldwide market for pumped-storage power plants will grow stronger than ever before. More than 100 new plants with an installed capacity of about 74 Gigawatts will be developed by 2020 – which is around 50 per cent of the plants existing today and adds up to an investment volume of about 56 billion EUR. If also taking the upcoming maintenance measures into consideration, the investment volume would further increase to over 73 billion EUR.

The main reasons for the emerging boom are the globally increasing share of renewable energies of the total electricity production as well as the construction of new coal and nuclear power plants especially in Asian countries. New pumped-storage power plants will be constructed for the intermediate storage of electricity from these fossil power plants and for the fluctuating generation, particularly of wind and solar power.

Asia is the largest growth market. Above all, the market will be characterised by what is happening in China – this country alone will account for about a third of the global market volume. Further strong markets can be found in Europe and the USA, where the development of renewable energies will be the main market factor. Due to the comparatively old age of the American and, in some cases, European plants, maintenance measures will play an ever stronger role there.

In light of this development, ecoprog GmbH has analysed the worldwide market for pumped-storage power plants in detail. We have not only included our own market knowledge in this study but also the expertise of public authorities, associations, operators and plant manufacturing companies.

This detailed research and up-to-date analysis of numbers, facts, estimations and trends of the worldwide market for pumped-storage power plants is of interest for manufacturers, suppliers, operators, disposal companies, business associations, research institutes and consultants.

The study “The World Market for Pumped-Storage Power Plants” includes:

  • a detailed analysis of the essential political, economic, managerial and technical trends for the construction and operation of pumped-storage power plants
  • a precise description of the present and the future market volumes by countries, up to and including 2020, based on a transparent and comprehensible methodology
  • the presentation of all existing (about 350) pumped-storage power plants active throughout the world with a total capacity of more than 152 GW, including essential technological data and contact details
  • a project list with more than 250 planned new construction projects, more than 30 of which are already under construction and over 200 of which are currently being planned or discussed. They have a total installed capacity of more than 170 GW
  • an analysis and description of the most important operators and plant manufacturers of pumped-storage power plants

The study is available in English and German language starting from 3,900.- EUR plus VAT. Please see the extract or the online order form for details.


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