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Database and Market Report on Electricity and Gas Concessions

The awarding of electricity and gas grid concessions in Germany will peak between 2012 and 2016. ecoprog assumes that about 7,800 of the approximately 21,000 electricity and gas grid concessions will be re-awarded in this period. These affect cities and municipalities with more than 40 million inhabitants.

In light of this development, ecoprog and Consulting Ulm & Schendel have analysed the market for electricity and gas grid concessions in detail. We have collected, analysed and systemised in a database about 12,300 concession contracts. Amongst other activities, we interviewed all municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants regarding the expiration of their concessions.

Since the energy economy was deregulated, competition in the market for these concessions has changed fundamentally.

Besides the large power supply companies, more and more municipal utilities bid for their own or neighbouring concession areas. In the years to come, more than 100 large cities and municipalities plan to buy back their grids – Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart are among the largest. Furthermore, E.ON and RWE sell different regional supply companies (in which case municipalities have pre-emption rights), which will also accelerate remunicipalisation.

The up to date analysis of figures, facts, estimations and trends in the German market for electricity and gas grid concessions is based on our market knowledge and detailed analyses and is of interest for energy suppliers, grid operators, municipalities, business associations, research institutes and consultants.

The study “The German Market for Electricity and Gas Concessions” includes:

  • a detailed analysis of the essential political, economic and managerial trends relating to the awarding of electricity and gas grid concessions
  • a detailed description of the procedure of concession awarding and an explanation of the most important methods for evaluating a grid
  • a concrete assessment of the current and future awardings of concessions by federal states, differentiated by municipalities up to and including 2025, based on a transparent and comprehensible methodology
  • the description of more than 8,300 electricity grid concessions and about 4,000 gas grid concessions with information on expiration of contract and concessionaire. These contracts include concession areas with about 50 million inhabitants
  • the description of all current awardings in municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants between 2012 and 2025 for every federal state
  • the description of all distribution network operators including group affiliation

The study is available in German language starting from 3,400.- EUR plus VAT. Furthermore, concessions of individual municipalities can be checked in the concessions database (last updated in 2012).


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