waste & bio Infrastructure Monitor

ecoprog’s weekly waste & bio Infrastructure Monitor is a media monitoring service. The w&b Monitor is the key component of our market monitoring. Our team reads the most important information sources of the worldwide waste and bioenergy business.

After evaluating these sources, sometimes by relying on local correspondents, we curate all relevant information in our Monitor. You will instantly find out about new projects, company takeovers and investments, or legal amendments.

Take a look at 3 major benefits of ecoprog's w&b Monitor:

  • Reading the Monitor saves time and money. You will no longer have to go through all the sources. Find all projects, markets and players in just one document – without any advertising or sponsored content. The w&b Monitor contains around 100 news per week.

  • Reading the Monitor increases your knowledge. We are evaluating industry and expert publications, traditional and online media, covering the world’s most important markets. The w&b Monitor is the most comprehensive monitoring service in this industry.

  • Access to more than 42,000 industry news: The online archive has more than 42,000 news items on waste and bioenergy infrastructure, dating from 2009 until today. Do you need information on a specific topic, such as anaerobic digestion of biowaste in France? The archive contains details on plants, projects and subsidisation schemes. You will get a quick overview – at no additional costs.

You can subscribe to the w&b Monitor or read 3 issues free of cost. The waste & bio Infrastructure Monitor is available starting from 1,200.- € plus VAT per year.

Additionally, w&b Monitor clients can order access to waste & bio Data


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